God Remembers My Name (@mrblunders)

January 1st – To do list. Start Bible in a year.

March 6th – Reached Numbers. Woop!

March 8th – Stopped reading Bible in a year.

Image Creative Commons: by See-ming Lee

Image Creative Commons: by See-ming Lee

Almost every year without fail for about three consecutive years I would gattenly start reading a Bible in One Year plan. Full of optimisim. Full of hope. Only to have it dashed by the point I reached Numbers. What’s with all this begatting anyhoo?

Until, that was somebody once told me that the names were important. I think I remember giving them a very strange stare. Really?! Have you read it?  Came my quick witted reply.

The names are important because it shows God taking care of His story, came the reply. God was weaving his story through the story of mankind on earth. I started to pay attention. God used ordinary people, with everyday lives to bring about a nation that would one day bless all the nations through Christ. I stopped being sarcastic and started to listen somemore. Also, what is equally important is that God remembers your name and those who have gone before you.

God remembers my name

It’s something that we are taught at Sunday School. Jesus loves you and knows you. Yet, it would seem that as adults this golden truth often escapes us. God knows my name. If we let that loose in our imaginations and our lives what could that do?

The God of all grace, the starmaker, the garden creator,  the God of love, that God, he remembers me and cares about me. So much so that his love for me and the rest of world was fully and most beautifully displayed at Calvary.

He remembers my name, even when I forget to pray.

He remembers my name, even when I put Him last.

He remembers my name, even when I do stupid things.

He remembers my name, each and every moment of each and every day.

There is nothing I can do to get any more of God’s attention. God does not remember my name, because I continue the right sacrificies or pray the right prayers. He remembers my name and is continuously wrapping his grace and love around me weaving His story through my everyday decisions, tweets and random facebook mutterings.

The book of Numbers is also about journeys. Chapter 33 gives us a full account of the Isrealites journey. God not only remembers our names, He is the God who walks with us through the gift of the Holy Spirit, keeping watch and comforting us.

We serve a great God, who knows us deeper than anyone else and yet still chooses to love us and remember our names. Let us grow in hope that we are part of His story, his great plan of salvation to the nations, tellers and sharers of the good news, worshppers in the kingdom of the Jesus.

I would encourage you to read Numbers again at some juncture, knowing that each name was a real person, who was part of the story. As you do, think back on your own journey, who were the people who had an impact on your life? Why not spend some time giving thanks for them. You may also like to use this verse as part of your prayers.

But I trust in your unfailing love;
 my heart rejoices in your salvation.
 I will sing the Lord’s praise,
 for he has been good to me. (Ps 13:5-6)

Be blessed,


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