“If God can use a donkey he can use me!” @paulblakey

Numbers – covering the 38 years in the history of Israel as they wandered the desert en route to the Promised Land. Unfaithfulness caused the long wanderings but the faithfulness and continued faithfulness of God shines through!

One of my favourite passages in the Bible is found in Numbers 22 – the story of Balaam’s donkey! Listen to it here…

Eye_of_the_donkeyIf God can use a donkey he can use me! This story shows that God is God and he can do what he wants! He is not limited by our concepts, thinking or understanding – God can and does speak to us through a wide variety of means.

One of the leaders of Sanktuary in Telford (a Street Angels project) was telling me the story of one of the volunteers was on the ground taking glass out of a young ladies foot (a common problem when ladies take off the high heels!) As he pulled out the glass and was wiping the foot with an anti-sceptic wipe he sensed Jesus standing at the side of him, he turned and Jesus said, “when I told you to wash people’s feet I bloody well meant it!” As he had finished the girl gave a hearty “God bless you” to which the volunteer replied, “I think he just has!”

Be it through a donkey, whilst taking glass out of a young ladies foot, through a sunrise or sunset, the budding flowers or other people – God is wanting to communicate with us because he loves us.

The Israelites wandered for 40 years in the desert – it should have taken them 11 days! Numbers 14 tells us they grumbled and moaned about everything – nothing about the journey or what they knew of the Promised Land was good enough. Out of 1.5million that started out on the journey only 2 from the original group made it! They wandered around in circles dealing with the same issues and same problems – is that true of your life?

God is communicating with you! We live in an age of communication – never before has information, thoughts and comments so readily and quickly become available. But in the midst of it all take time to listen to the voice of your Father God – a God who loves you, who doesn’t want you to set up camp in problems and issues but has a place in Promised Land just for you – right here and right now.

And if you can’t hear God – maybe hang out with some donkeys!

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