More than Manna (@asaltbde)

There’s a well know phrase “that restored my faith in human nature”. I was recently involved in the local project (see Saving Souls) that did more than this, it demonstrated what faith can achieve for a local community.

Part of the project was a challenge issued to a group of young people, taken from this inspirational idea. A group of Christians in Camberley were given 1 week to organise a free banquet in their spare time, for 50 people, in a disadvantaged area, as part of a week long outreach event known as Camberley Connections. They had to provide food and entertainment for their guests – with zero budget. This video shows how it turned out in Camberley. They actually made a profit which was donated to a local charity.

How did they pull it all together? – using social media. Once word got out on Facebook and Twitter, then organisations and acts got in contact with the team providing donations and volunteering their services. Things started to come together, at the last minute.

I know the Israelites complained about the manna sent down to them in Numbers 11:9When the dew settled on the camp at night, the manna also came down”. However, the food and entertainment God provided through local people for this event was very well received.

Food provided for free from local businesses

Have you done something similar in your community using social media to assist? How did it turn out?

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