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The BBC has been running an excellent regular series of stand-alone dramas under the series heading ‘Moving On’ , all based around the theme of how to move on around life events.

By Henri Julien (1852-1908) (Modified version of [1]) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Moving on is as important as staying put.

We talk a lot about where God has brought us to, and what he is doing in this place, but not so much about him telling us to move on.  What if God is calling us on to somewhere else, to something different?  To leave behind where we are, however comfortable is might seem.  In terms of Numbers, we enjoy God’s presence when the cloud comes down – but do we always notice when the cloud has moved on and follow it?  Are we ready to move on as and where God leads us?

The Cloud over the Sacred Tent

Numbers 9

15-16 As soon as the sacred tent was set up, a thick cloud appeared and covered it. The cloud was there each day, and during the night, a fire could be seen in it. 17-19 The Lord used this cloud to tell the Israelites when to move their camp and where to set it up again. As long as the cloud covered the tent, the Israelites did not break camp. But when the cloud moved, they followed it, and wherever it stopped, they camped and stayed there, 20-22 whether it was only one night, a few days, a month, or even a year. As long as the cloud remained over the tent, the Israelites stayed where they were. But when the cloud moved, so did the Israelites. 23 They obeyed the Lord’s commands and went wherever he directed Moses.

I’d been pondering this passage.  Then, last week, for reasons I won’t go into here, I stepped away from Twitter.  I wasn’t altogether sure how long I intended it to be for – I’m still not clear on that.  But having stepped away, it caused me to reflect…

Now, my evangelism for social media is well documented.  I’ve even been told I have a ministry there.  I have long expounded its virtues for connecting people – especially for someone who is not out and about much. I have to confess to never having understood those who might want to give such things up for a time…  But having stepped away perhaps, I can see the wood for the trees.

And I have asked myself some serious questions:

  • Do we expect more than is possible from Social Media?
  • Do we put more faith in Social Media than is sensible or right?
  • How much would we miss it?
  • Would our presence be missed?
  • Do we value the input of others enough?
  • Is God calling us to look up?  Could he be calling us to use social media differently?

These questions have been to make myself think.  And having asked these questions whilst I was stood at a distance, and I think they have been valuable.

I’m still thinking on this.  These are my questions in the place where I am now, but they are valid questions for everyone to ask. Questions we should regularly ask ourselves about all aspects of our life.

The answers for me may not be the answers for you.

But the question needs to be asked regularly in life, not just about social media, but about our worship, our discipleship – every aspect of our life:

Has God moved on and I haven’t noticed?

And then I came across this:

Prayer taken from Day 24  of the Methodist Prayer Handbook 

Lord God, we become used to your blessings,
and assume that you will continue to bless today
the things you have always blessed in the past.
Remove the scales from our eyes,
that we may see the things
you wish to bless in our own day,
and give us holy imagination
to perceive what you will bless tomorrow. Amen.

Peter Pillinger, Plymouth and Exeter District Chair

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