The Bible as Augmented Reality: Beginning a Conversation – article published

AugmentedPeteThe first volume of a new journal includes an article from Richard Briggs and myself about the Bible as Augmented Reality – a playful mixing of digital technology and biblical interpretation.

It’s not a long article. In fact, it’s probably a little too playful and simple. It picks up on age old ideas of working with the Bible as a comprehensive world-view. By seeing the Bible as a lens through which we view everything else, the Bible takes a more important role in our daily lives than as a reference text or a lawcode. It is still a very intrumentalised view of the Bible’s role…but its a start.

See what you think…

More about the journal:

St John’s College at Durham University has launched their new Theology and Ministry Journal. The journal focusses on practical theology and offers some explorations written by experienced researchers and some excellent explorations from research students.

The journal comes out of Cranmer Hall and the Wesley Study Centre, Anglican and Methodist ministerial training colleges which are constituent institutions to St John’s, alongside our own CODEC research centre.

The editors introduce the journal in this way:

Theology and Ministry: An Online Journal is a peer-reviewed annual publication featuring innovative work at the interdisciplinary interface of theological study and ministerial practice and reflection.

It is committed to providing rapid and open dissemination of high quality work which will be of service to both the Church and the academy. We welcome correspondence regarding the journal and its aims, as well as proposals for submissions

The full content of the volume is as follows:

Volume 1 (2012)

If you would like to submit an article for future editions, please see the submissions page.


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Pete Phillips Bio: I'm into the New Testament (especially John's Gospel), technology, literary theory, postmodernism, football and that kind of stuff. I am married to Theresa and we have three great kids (and a Westie called Grace). I'm a Christian and love the whole church thing, which is good because I also work for the Methodist Church in the UK. My formal job titles are: Director of Research for CODEC at St John's College, Durham University and Secretary to the Faith and Order Committee of the Methodist Church.