10(ish) Commandments for the Digital Disciple (@mrblunders)

Creative Commons: Wikipedia

Creative Commons: Wikipedia

Here are some thoughts based from the 10 Commandments about how I am trying to discipline myself in my social media use. Have a read and see what you think?

1. Make Colossians 3:17 one of your foundations

Whatever we do should be done to the Glory of God, how am I  going to glorify God with my social media use today?

2. Do not get your worth from your Social Media use

Do I get my worth from how many people like my posts, RT or follow me? or do I  get my worth from Jesus and who He says I am?

3. Help do not hinder

Does my presence on social media help or hinder people in honouring God?

4. Have a rest from Social Media.

When am I planning to take some rest from my social media use this week?

5. Honour your ‘Family’

Is your social media use killing family time, could you find other times to update your status?

6 & 7. Use Roman 12:1 as the basis for your thoughts and actions online.

Is what I am going to write, say, tweet –  holy and acceptable to God?

8.Do not claim what you haven’t done.

Can I use my RT’s and captions to honour those who inspire and fuel my thoughts, tweets and blogs?

9.Tell the Truth

Does the world need a bunch of over happy Christians online or a people that are real and show that following Jesus isn’t that easy? How do I reflect that in my use of social media?

10. Serve those who follow you/read your blog

What if I didn’t worry about numbers and just served those who follow me?

Anyway, there are my thoughts what would you change? Do you spend time thinking and praying before and during your social media use?

I hope the list helps.

I’d love to hear your thoughts,

Be blessed,


Image used under Creative Commons Licence from: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:MA_Route_10.svg

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