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Unfortunately for my stress levels, I am writing this the day before it goes live. However, it’s actually good timing. Yesterday was May Day. However, it was also something else: the 8th annual Blogging Against Disablism Day or #BADD13 for short. I didn’t realize this myself until after I had uploaded a post to my blog something else entirely. I don’t always feel very confident about subject specific posts unless it’s something I am passionate about or have an opinion on. I am fortunate where I live that I am more or less left alone. Most disabled people aren’t so lucky and are therefore blogging about something they face every day. That said, I did identify very much with a few bloggers whose posts I have linked to at the end of this post. Broader things like disablism being people telling me ‘I don’t look sick’ or not being able to use transport easily with my electric wheelchair and oftentimes having to rely or a carer pushing my manual wheelchair. Normally, those sorts of things would bother me more, but just recently I’ve had much more to think about. Illness, and fatigue are the reasons I am writing this now. I settled for reading as many of the specially written posts as I could, and re-tweeting or sharing my favourites.

I recently wrote a post on my own blog about how blogging gives me a purpose to my life and an outlet to my creativity, but also a chance to think, and use my God-given abilities. However, I’ve haven’t even had the energy to write. Life has been pared down to the bare minimum. Due to difficulties sleeping I’ve been having my quiet times of bible reading and prayer any time from 3am onwards, instead of only waking when the carers press the button on the intercom. This means quiet times have been absolutely first in the day, instead of happening after my care is done. In my opinion I have been calmer, and had more peace. That’s no coincidence.

God first; Idols, none!

We have a jealous God, who desires to be first in our lives, (Duet 5 v 7-8) before we reach for our phones to check social networking sites, or the news headlines. These things have become bad habits for me. I would actually check the new headlines on Twitter, as many of the bloggers I network with on Twitter are disabled themselves, and discuss the latest relevant headlines between themselves, be they concerned with government, welfare, cuts, social services, or personal stories of how individual disabled people or whole families have been affected by the cuts. As I have said before, there is absolutely a place for this. If I did not know the latest headlines, how would I know how to pray? Many of these bloggers write first class posts, and are the source of much of the useful information I know about benefits, welfare, and cuts. However, reading too many stories leaves me susceptible to fear and worry. Even emotions can become idols, if I allowed these to build up instead of taking my problems to Jesus. Increasingly, I feel as though I am diligently praying for things, and the more I pray, the less and less things make sense. According to one blogger who has something called ALS, akin to Motor Neuron Disease, God doesn’t make sense. If he did, he would not be fully God and therefore bigger than our circumstances.

We have a big God, then. One who doesn’t make sense, but demands us to put him first and not to make idols (Duet 5: 8) such as fear worry, Twitter, or Facebook. God comes before blogging then too. He demands of us to keep his word in our hearts, (but to do that we have to read it, whatever technology we use to read it on) and to put others before ourselves. This is something I am learning at the coalface, at this present time. How to truly put God first, and serve others, partly also demonstrating that by the way I live, in order that God gets all the glory. Some challenge but one I am living out day-by-day.

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