Moses’ hierarchy of needs

moses hierarchy

We’re all partial.

Moses is partial with the truth – telling the Israelites that it is their fault that he cannot cross the Jordan, whereas God clearly tells him it is his own breaking of faith.

One of the things that I like about the Bible is that it leaves it all in. People of God are not perfect. God knows that we will forget, that we are rebellious and stiff-necked. He doesn’t love us for what we are, he loves us because we are his.

Moses equips the Israelites for life in the promised land and without him with three things. He knows they are going from a desert to a land of plenty. In material terms they will want for nothing. This should be perfection. But the people of God are not perfect. So they need:

  • a written copy of the laws
  • a song to help them remember
  • a blessing

Moses’ hierarchy of needs, like Maslow’s builds upwards

So God first

and it seems that the letter of the law is there for when we forget God’s love for us and to share it, so remembering comes second

And then God’s laws

A bit of a complaint here.

I do not like the way that the new Bibles give headings – it is not so much the giving of the headings but the way that being fair and ungreedy are relegated to miscellaneous laws, which suggests that whoever added them has priorities (If ‘marrying a captive woman’ can be given a heading …) which do not chime with it being ‘Christian Aid Week’ this month.

Did you send off your postcard?

Are you joining in the prayer for wisdom for all the leaders who are to attend the G8 in June?

This is the Christian Aid prayer in case you haven’t seen it:

Heavenly Father, in a world in which there is so much hunger, we give thanks that with you there is always hope for tomorrow. Help us, your church, to be a people of hope, praying earnestly and acting decisively, that all can secure their daily bread. As we follow your son, who is the bread of life, help us to be those that bring your life to a hungry world, that your kingdom will come here on earth as it is in heaven.


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