Reaching the Promised Land? (@hollypoulter)

This month, Big Bible is reflecting on the book of Deuteronomy, where we read about Moses leading the people to the Promised Land, shortly before his death.

At Tearfund, we’ve been talking a lot lately about what we want the future to look like – what is the Promised Land God is calling us to travel towards and create for our children’s children?

We think we’re standing at a crossroads that will determine what our planet looks like in 50, 100 or 200 years. We’re coming up against some pretty scary numbers – by 2050 we’ll have a planet of 9.5 billion inhabitants, and that’s the conservative estimate. As ‘numerous as the stars in the sky’? Yeah I think so.

Not only that, 70% of us will live in urban areas by then. That’s an incredible pressure on an already overused planet.

It is predicted that some of the currently most vulnerable countries and cities in the world will be some of the fastest growing megacities in the next few decades – Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo is expected to grow at a rate of 73%, and Bangalore in India at 59%. Two of the world’s poorest countries growing at an exponential rate, with it’s inhabitants flocking to the Promised Land of a city that they hope will bring them wealth and prosperity.

With a future of megacities and skyscrapers in our near future, how can we ensure that we still adhere to God’s call to be custodians of the earth God created for us, as well as take care of the poorest and most vulnerable.

Something that is fascinating me about peering into that future is how we use technology to do that. How can we harness social media and technology for a green, sustainable future?

We’re seeing glimpses of it now – mobile phones to get books to children, solar powered chargers, social media fundraising – but what other future possibilities are out there?

What digital and technological advances have people seen that could give hope to our future generations? Has anyone done any futurecasting like this?

Really interested to start a conversation about this area of looming possibility!

About Holly Poulter

Holly Poulter works as a Press Officer for Christian international aid agency Tearfund, and runs an wedding and event planning business, 'Pretty, Please Events'. She lives in Surbiton, Surrey with her husband James and bi-polar cat. Big fan of popcorn, coffee and duvets.