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This summer my church is starting something that I am very excited about. It is called “Best Summer Ever.” Family units within the church will write a note of appreciation each day of the summer to different people whom they come in contact with. This will be a hand written note…yep, we are going old school! My prayer is that this will not be a gimmick or a way to get people into the doors of the church. Instead, my prayer is that the act of appreciation will shape the lives of those who are writing notes.

Of course I also pray that those people receiving the notes will be impacted by the love of Christ shown through his disciples. So what does this have to do with being a #digidisciple you ask? Well, each notecard will have our church web address on it. So far our church website has been for us and people looking for us. Ok, maybe not us but a church in general. And it works pretty well. It has good information and we get a good number of people who come to worship because they found us on the web.

But is our website actually introducing people to Jesus Christ? If a person who is not a Christian goes to our website what will they learn about Jesus…not just our church. Some of you may argue that is not the point of the website. But we live in a world today where many people will not walk into a church building to learn more about Jesus just because we tell them what time worship is at. People are searching for meaning in their lives. And I believe that we are a place that can give meaning to people’s lives. But if all they do is go to our website to check these people out who cared enough to write a note will they discover a place where they can help change the world?

My answer right now is no. They will get some information. If they are really brave they can listen to a sermon or read a blog post. But I know that we are lacking the content that will say more about who we are and what we do. So I guess I’m asking myself and you a question. What is it that we can do to be a witness through our website? What do you do? What works or doesn’t work?

What I am finding more often than not is that being a digital disciple is hard work. It takes lots of thought and intentionality. And I’m often behind the curve!

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