Free missions advocate ebook, and the need for digital advocates

Does every church need an advocate or two?

Down the years, many churches have appointed someone to be a resource person and advocate for world missions. Now here’s a free ebook to help them: Bringing the World to your Church, by Joy Piper. Previously published in paperback, it predates the social media revolution, so although full of useful ideas for mission advocates, it was written too early to include these options. Well worth downloading – add your thoughts about it on the comment section below.

Get the book free from Smashwords.

Digital advocates

There is also a big need for local churches to appoint a ‘digital advocate’ – someone who can be a go-to resource person and trainer for all aspects of digital ministry.

Social media enables any Jesus-follower to share faith and interact with others in ways that were never possible before. No longer does web ministry require technical or writing gifts. It has become much more an opportunity for conversations and question-asking, with the chance to point to good third-party websites or video shorts when appropriate.

Read more on the role of a digital advocate.

Does your church have a digital advocate? Or would you like to? Please add your comments below.

Training days

A great way to learn more about digital media – and take the lessons back to your own church – is to attend a regional training day such as the Digital Kickstart Days in UK during June.

Er, the mention of training days always brings to mind the classic radio sketch about the Pirates’ Training Day. Be prepared to laugh. A lot. Great to play at any staff retreat day!

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