Life Changing Words on the Go: New app helps Christians experience and share the Bible wherever they are (@SGM_Lifewords)

SGM LogoLife Changing Words is a new, free Bible app providing a daily Bible verse to subscribers.  The iPhone app, from Bible agency SGM Lifewords, is designed to help people both engage with and share small portions of God’s Word in today’s busy world.

Initially the app will be available in English and twelve other languages, including Chinese, Polish and Spanish.  Life Changing Words includes an option for subscribers to post their daily verse to Facebook, Twitter and Google +, or to text it to friends.  They can also personalise the look of the app with different colours and fonts.

With over 60%* of web-based traffic now coming from smartphones and tablets, it’s essential that Bible agencies provide access to God’s Word in a format that meets the needs of today SGM Lifewords has always been committed to helping people connect with the Bible whatever their context, and Life Changing Words is a continuation of that heritage. Our hope is that people won’t keep the verses they read to themselves, but will use the app to share something of the Bible’s life words with friends and colleagues. (Executive Director Danielle Welch)

The app brings a new dimension to SGM Lifewords’ daily Bible email service that began 10 years ago and currently has 28,062 subscribers from 210 countries. Another version of the app is available to subscribers to the SGM Lifewords Facebook page and an android version is being developed.

Life Changing Words is available to download now from the Apple Store.

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