#MediaLit13 Has Commenced


As advertised:

MediaLit offers an opportunity for first class training and resources in media for ministry for those engaged in formal pre-ordination training, those already engaged in local or national ministry and anyone concerned to connect Christian faith with communication in a digital age.  We will explore communications media, an overview of the workings of the media – both broadcast media and the press, as well as offer some key skills training in how to create material for the media and how to handle various media opportunities.  We will be reflecting theologically on the media’s interaction with society and public values and encouraging you to think critically about how you and your congregations consume the media’s products – and what products we might produce ourselves to assist and engage with the media.

Keep an eye on #medialit13 if you’re interested (or Google “mute hashtag” if you find the volume of tweets exceeds your capacity).

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