Understanding Digital Culture – a presentation by @drbexl (VIDEO)

This is a presentation originally published by the Evangelical Alliance on how we understand the culture of the online world – just as in the same way we might seek to understand a country’s culture before going on mission there.


This talk was filmed at a national consultation, entitled, ‘A Relevant Gospel: How should we contextualise the message for our 21st century Britain?’. It is the second in a series of five events taking place as part of the Evangelical Alliance’s ‘Confidence in the Gospel’ initiative.

Download a synopsis of this video, along with questions for discussion

View the powerpoint:



  1. What are the best and worst examples of Christians (individuals, churches, organisations) engaging in the digital space that we have experienced?
  2. What personal experiences do we have of sharing our faith online?
  3. What challenges or ideas did we pick up from the talk – both for our own online engagement, and for our church’s?
  4. Bex Lewis finished by asking three questions. How would we respond to each of them?:
    1. What biblical values do we want to see in our digital world?
    2. What do the fruits of the Spirit look like online?
    3. What does it mean to share with grace?
  5. What personal experiences do we have of sharing our faith online? Do we find it easier or more difficult to share our faith online?
  6. Is there a disconnect between our online and offline lives? Is this a problem? How can we ensure that we, and those we are responsible for, are well-equipped to engage well in the digital space?

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