Using Buffer to manage a Twitter account and Facebook page for your church #digilit

I’ve been running a Church of England humour site called Anglican Memes since October 2012. The purpose of our site is to help people to laugh at themselves and relax a little bit where often church people can become dour and too serious. Connected to our (wordpress based) site are a twitter account and Facebook page.

One of the key things about running social media sites such as a twitter account and Facebook Page (which you may well have for your church or group you’re a part of) is to keep the content coming and regularly. This is quite hard to do. Recently, I have discovered a fabulous tool to help with this called ‘Buffer‘. What Buffer does is enable you to share things via your social media accounts but what it does is schedule these posts automatically at times appropriate to those social networks (so tweets go out with greater regularity than Facebook posts).

To get started, visit and sign in with a social media account. Once set up I then recommend downloading the plugin/extension for your browser – in this example I was using Chrome:


Then connect all the social accounts you would like to post to – eg. twitter, Facebook page etc.

After this, visit your favourite sites and when you see an item you would like to add to your ‘buffer’, right click on the item and click on ‘buffer this’:

buffer this

Then you can choose to add it to your twitter and/or Facebook page (select or deselect in the top left). Type in your update and either share immediately or ‘buffer’ – which means Buffer will share that item on your page at an appropriate time. You can go in and edit the time of publication if you like – just login to Buffer to see everything in your queue:

buffer queue

What I like about buffer is:

  • it always adds a link to the original source of the item (whether an article, image or video) so you can be sure you’re crediting things appropriately
  • it’s really easy to use
  • it does the hard work for you
  • it enables you to keep your social media sites topped up with great content

Since I’ve been using Buffer our Facebook Page in particular has gone from around 500 likes to now nearly 2000 because I am posting new items about three times a day. On Facebook, sharing images is the best way to get engagement and buffer makes this really easy as you can ‘buffer’ images you find on the web with just a couple of clicks.

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