Feeling Guilty for Going #DigiFree? (@ipreacher007)

Slow_you_downI feel guilty. Why? because today is the first day of my three weeks off work. I suddenly realise that means I will be away for the 25th July, the 25th being the day my blog post is due. So I emailed Bex and dipped out. Now I feel guilty. The problem lies in keeping boundaries. I absolutely love my job, but it is full on and has a tendency to leak into all the spaces of my life. This  is not helped by my collusion with the opportunities presented by the digital, that constant urge to check emails and such. So I want a holiday, a digital holiday and a work free break. I want to retreat into silence for a bit. I don’t want to write blog posts, answer emails, deal with crises, horizon scan for up coming problems, read big books, mark papers, create conferences, think about courses, or anything. I just want to be quiet, still, in a place boundaried from work. Not for ever, just for a while. I want to sit in the sun, dibble my toes in the sea, lose myself in novels, do the crossword, eat slowly, breathe deeply and relax. I want to attend to God in the little things. I want to sit and gaze into the distance just because it’s there? I want to listen for the voice of God in the whisper of the leaves. I just want to be and I don’t want to write a blog post… but I just have. At least I don’t feel guilty any more.

Here’s hoping you find some stillness this summer, perhaps a boundaried time, a vacation with God, uninterrupted by the ‘ping’ of the incoming email.

Over and out.


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