Social Media Judges (@changingworship)

You’ve found yourself someone to follow on Twitter. They’re really interesting. You like everything they say. What is your opening gambit going to be? What will that first tweet be that begins with @stalkingyou?

Different types of social media have different paradigms inherent in the way they operate. Facebook for example is a place where people generally interact with people they already know. It is for most people a closed forum where they allow their friends a window into their daily life.

20130708-092411Twitter on the other hand is a broadcast medium and relationships are built over time with strangers. This presents a different challenge to the #digidisciple as the recipient of a comment you are tagging someone in may have no idea who you are. You may have been following them for months and think that you have developed a relationship. “Hello, is it me you’re looking for”?

In the recent heatwave I posted a meme over at @anglicanmemes and posted it to Twitter. Within seconds I had not one but two strangers who I have never interacted with before berating me in 140 characters for wearing a dog collar at all. I’ve never heard from them before. I’ve never heard from them since but in that moment they were my 140 character fashion critics. Well that’s got me told.

As #digidisciples we have the same minefields to carefully walk through online that we do in nonvirtual reality. How we speak to people in ‘the moment’ can come home to roost. I’d like to tell you I get it right, but I don’t. I’d like to tell you I’m better at it than most. But I’m not. I’d like to tell you I know how best to respond when someone fires random Twitter bullets. But I don’t. I have a lot to learn from Bodyform.

A guy called Richard Neill posted a humerous and lengthy post to Bodyform’s Facebook page. Their response almost made me jump in the car and go and buy some. Almost.

About Robb

Robb is a priest and a vicar in the Church of England. His academic interest is in liturgy, alt:worship and the emerging church and is particularly keen on exploring the sacramantal within worship. He lives in Yorkshire and has a passion for heavy metal, playing in a pub band and riding a Harley.