[VIDEO] “I’ve got 66 books on my SuperSmart Phone” (@drbexl)

James Prescott’s post about ‘Being Judges of Social Media‘ got me thinking this morning as I came across the video below. My brain took a slightly different tack, partly because of the number of conversations I get involved in about “Is it OK to tweet in church?”, to which I typically respond “Is it OK to take notes in church?”, as that’s typically what I’m doing (and as I use Twitter so easily, the medium isn’t distracting me, although there’s the potential for responses).

I always find it fascinating that people are paying so much attention to (and judging) what I’m doing, rather than paying attention to the sermon, etc. themselves (or is that a bit ranty!)… Each of us can find our own way of relating, although I also acknowledge that we also need to think about how we help others understand the place of social media in church.

In this parody music video, Ben Damron, a Christian performer: “I get all sorts of glances when I’m digging in the word, is he looking at his Bible, or playing Angry Birds?”

Read full article in the New York Times.

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