5 tips for your Facebook page and the insights to show their result (@andersorsander)

In this post I will share some experiences as an admin at the Digital Bible Facebook page. I will give you some tips on how you can implement them on your own Facebook page. What I have learned has been of great use for the Facebook page of my local church.


Have a basic idea and stick to it

The basic idea of Digital Bible hasn’t changed since 2009 when I became an admin. We post scripture, we don’t comment or interpret, we let the users of the page comment and discuss. We trust our basic idea that the Bible speaks for itself. The success of the page with currently 8.7 million likes suggests that this trust is well founded.

Change and develop your page

Much have changed since 2009. Some examples: The name of the page, the development of Facebook (both rules and features) and the huge increase of mobile internet usage. This has affected how we work with the page, but we stick to our basic idea.

5 Tips to implement on your own Facebook page

I have made good use of my experiences as an admin at Digital Bible, working with the Facebook page of my local church, Backa kyrka. This is a small page with a little over 100 likes. Still, there are loads of things to learn from a huge and global page, such as Digital Bible.

– Consider the shorter attention span.
In the mobile world the time you have to catch the attention is the time it takes to swipe a finger acrossthe mobile phone. Use images, cropped to 1:1 ratio. If your text is more than a few words, highlight the essence of it with another colour. You have to help your followers to stop at your post in their feed and engage with it.

– Make good use of your cover photo.
Your cover photo can contain 20% text. Make good use of it and check how it looks, both on a computer, mobile phone and tablet.

– Encourage people to inbox you.
The page inbox is a great way to form a closer relationship between your followers and your page. At Digital Bible we get hundreds of prayer requests when we ask people, but it’s well worth the effort to respond each person.

– Check your page insights.
For instance: At Backa kyrka I noticed that roughly 1/3 of the people reached by the page didn’t use Facebook in Swedish. Since I only posted in Swedish at this time I immediately tried posting a few posts tagged to English. The result showed in the insights. The number of people reached and engaging with the posts increased.

– Try and have fun.
Don’t be afraid to try different posts. Ask questions what your followers would like to see. One kind of posts I’ve found to be very successful on Backa kyrka is historical trivia for various years of significance in the history of the church.

The result so far

I’ve worked with Backa kyrka for 2 months now (with most church activities closed down for the summer). So far the result is:

  • 7.2% increase of likes.
  • 312% increase of People talking about the page
  • 163% increase of weekly engages users
  • 207% increase of weekly reach
  • 399% increase of weekly impression
  • 987% increase of daily page views.

Now, take a look at your own page and start implementing these ideas. I’m sure you’ll see a positive result rather soon.

About andersorsander

Digital Marketing Officer for United Bible Societies. Living in Sweden in a Swedish-Filipino family.