20 Website Posts Per Month. Easily. (with @ITCDave)

We receive regular emails from ‘Internet Toolbox for Churches‘, truly worth checking out.
This is one of the recent emails we received, about finding ways to blog regularly on your church website without too much stress:
How hard is it for a church to publishing material to its website more frequently?

We’ve talked before about the importance of volunteers and so on.

Let’s look at a different angle this time: Where does all this material come from?

Let’s look at how a church can go from posting only occasional updates (for the sake of this, let’s call it “none”) to 20 posts per month?

Seem impossible? It’s not. Let me demonstrate.

Visualize a monthly calendar.

Our goal will be to come up with something to post on 20 of those days.

Start: We’re at 0 posts per month.

Each Thursday, let’s post a “prepare for Sunday” item listing summaries and excerpts of the upcoming readings with a few paragraphs explaining the readings and key points to think about. You could also have a few words discussing the key theme of this Sunday of the church year.

Now we’re at 4 posts per month.

Each Sunday evening, let’s post (scheduled beforehand, of course) a summary of the sermon’s points in a form that’s aimed at youth (perhaps for the youngest children, something that parents could read aloud).

Each Tuesday, let’s recap the sermon’s points or maybe explore an additional point to help reinforce the ideas.

Now we’re at 12 posts per month.

On the last Friday of the month, let’s post an “Ask the Pastor” Q&A-type item.

On the first Wednesday of the month, let’s post something of a Pastor’s column that inspirational, encouraging and so on.

And on the second Wednesday, let’s post a teaching and/or spiritual growth item (could be from a Pastor, an elder or other spiritual leader).

Now we’re at 15 posts per month.

On the second Friday, let’s post about some spiritual reading material (something on the web, a book, magazine article, etc.). It could be excerpted material (with permission, of course) or a link.

Now we’re at 16 posts per month.

Let’s get 2 of our active ministries within the congregation to post write-ups of the latest happenings and upcoming events. Let’s post these on the second and fourth Wednesdays.

Now we’re at 18 posts per month.

Whenever appropriate, post about an upcoming event or activity at the church.

On the first Monday, post a list of ways to get involved around the church or out in the community on the church’s behalf.

We hit 20 posts!

Does any of these items seem all that difficult? Is it something your church could achieve?

I’m sure it is! It’s not something you have to achieve overnight. You could go from 0 to 20 posts over the course of 6 months, each month adding just a little bit more material.

What other types of material do you think your church could easily create?

Go and visit the site for more wisdom like this, and don’t forget that if you are a #DigiDisciple on this blog, we’ve come up with a range of ideas for blog posts on a Google Doc!

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