#DigiPilgrim: Day 6 Whitley Bay-Jarrow (Reflections with @SheridanVoysey) [VIDEO]

Sheridan Voysey and DJ Konz are onto Day 6 of their #digipilgrim, reaching Jarrow this evening. A reflection back on the benefits of taking time out yesterday, and the variations on the journey, from scenic beaches to suburbia, and the interesting people met on the way! A visit to (St) Cuthbert’s Cave, the local monastery, as thinking forward to Monday and the Lindisfarne Gospels, and time to think about St Bede, without whom we wouldn’t know anything about St Cuthbert/St Aidan … and reflect on what it means to be in the “in-between time”, beyond the excitement, and the goal’s still not quite there yet!

And see the photos from the day via Storify.

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