Samuel’s Social Media Footprint (@darrenrhill)

Image purchased by @digitalfprint

Image purchased by @digitalfprint

There is a social media account for almost everything we do…

  • The books we read
  • The films we watch
  • The food we eat
  • The clothes we wear
  • The items we consume

We are able to record every aspect of our lives…

  • How we feel when we wake up
  • How the daily commute goes
  • How full our inbox is
  • How glad we are when lunchtime arrives
  • How happy or sad we are when we return home

We are not bound by the here and now either…

  • We can see what we shared last year, or before
  • The pictures we have taken are in The Cloud
  • Our consuming history is recorded to market back to us
  • Facebook timelines record our birth…
  • Facebook tributes are paid when we pass

Digitally our lives and our thoughts can be as private or public as we choose…

  • We can share our lack of inhibition
  • We can journal our secret hopes and fears
  • We can secretly direct message or snapchat…
  • We can tweet and go public

Samuel is a rare character in the Bible. His whole life, and more is recorded.

  • He could have a Facebook page created by his mum. Detailing the prayer and gratitude, before during and after his birth
  • He’d tell his friends of the voice he heard at night while playing Moshi Monsters
  • His Flickr account would detail his travels
  • His profiles would explain what he did, and why
  • His blog would illuminate his decisions, his judgements
  • The comments would be trolled by Philistines
  • We’d hear his frustrated status updates when the people demand a King
  • His private journal would record his hopes for a young man after God’s own heart
  • His tribute page would hark back to a golden age, to a man who had a deep faith
  • Tweets would even claim to be in contact with him after his death

Our whole lives can be digitised. We are digital disciples. If Samuel was a digital disciple we’d know a lot about him. Fortunately, we do know a lot about him. Two books in the Christian Bible bear his name.

From before birth to after death, we can leave a digital footprint.

From before birth to after death, Samuel left an ancient footprint.

What sort of footprint are we leaving?

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