The Highs and Lows of Our #DigiPilgrim Experience [Video/Podcast]

Keith Blundy | Aegies PR

Keith Blundy | Aegies PR

I had a dream last night. I dreamt that a friend and I went on a trip to a far away land; a land of castles and saints, of holy islands and sacred books. We walked through that land for miles and miles until we reached a giant cathedral on a hill. And there in a nearby house we beheld a great wonder…

Yes, our #DigiPilgrim pilgrimage from Lindisfarne Island to Durham Cathedral is over. And just two days later it seems like a dream that DJ Konz and I actually walked the 100 miles to see the historic Lindisfarne Gospels. Below you will find the daily BigBible videoblog episodes we recorded along the trek linked in one spot, and in the podcast at the end of this post we process the highs and lows of the experience.

The VideoBlogs

Day 1: Presence and Perseverance

Reflections from the first day of the trek, walking from Holy Island Lindisfarne to Bamburgh, after slogging our way through gale-force winds.

Day 2: Deep and Shallow Community

DJ’s reflections on day 2 of the journey, from Bamburgh to Craster, include thoughts on the shared community we have with others along the way, but the deeper community we experience sharing more deeply with each other.

Day 3: Looking Backward, Looking Forward

On our way from Craster to Amble DJ and I walk a long passage of beach that allows us to share something of our childhoods and reflect on our lives: where we’ve come and from and where we might be going.

Day 4: What Legacy Will We Leave?

We continue our pilgrimage from Amble to Newbiggin-by-the-Sea. We’re half way through the pilgrimage and, at 40 and 41 years of age, half way through our lives. What legacy will we leave? Some reflections on Alfred Nobel.

Day 5: Rest Along the Journey

Bex Lewis meets us as we arrive in Whitley Bay. We’re feeling the pain now, and in a slight state of delirium! Some reflections on the need for physical, emotional and spiritual rest along the path.

Day 6: Trudging Through the ‘In-Between’ Time

By day 6 we’re feeling weary. The previous days have had harsh weather, little beauty, and little connection to Saints Cuthbert, Aiden or Bede in whose steps we’re following. And this ‘in-between time’ is a lot like life. How do you keep going when you’ve lost the excitement of the journey and the destination is still so far ahead?

Day 7: History’s Forgotten Saints

History is shaped by the greats, yes. But also by millions of names we’ll never know. Some pertinent thoughts from DJ after discovering the lesser-known Benedict Biscop and others who worked at the ancient twin monastery of St Paul’s and St Peter’s at Jarrow/Monkwearmouth.

Day 8: Serendipity at Destination Durham

We arrive at Durham on Sunday afternoon, just in time for the 3.30pm Evensong Service at Durham Cathedral. Our arrival at our destination coincides with an amazing experience of serendipity.

Day 9: The Prize

We behold the glory of the 1300 year-old Lindisfarne Gospels.

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Thank You

Thank you to all of you tweeted, retweeted, posted, commented and encouraged us along this journey. Do let us know how you benefited from this online pilgrimage, and how it could be improved in the future.

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