Why You Should Consider Doing a Pilgrimage (@sheridanvoysey) #DigiPilgrim


Have you ever been on a pilgrimage to some holy place or sacred site? Have you ever wanted to? In this podcast fellow #DigiPilgrim DJ Konz and I explore what pilgrimage is, how it can benefit your spiritual life, and what we’re looking forward to (and a little anxious about) in preparation for our upcoming journey from Holy Island Lindisfarne to Durham.

In the Podcast

As I announced last week, on Sunday September 15 my friend DJ and I will embark on an 8-day 100-mile pilgrimage from Lindisfarne Island to Durham University to see the beautiful Lindisfarne Gospels. We’re making this an online pilgrimage too, so you can join in. (Again, here’s how you can take part.)

But what is a pilgrimage and how does it differ from a nice walk in the fields? In this podcast DJ and I explore:

  • What a pilgrimage is and how you can do it simply
  • How a pilgrimage can benefit your spiritual life
  • The life of St Cuthbert and the Lindisfarne monks
  • What we’re looking forward to, and anxious about, as we prepare
  • How you can experiment with an online pilgrimage

Episode Resources

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Question: Have you ever been on pilgrimage? If not, where would you like to visit if you could?

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