#CNMAC13 Speaker Profile: Katharine Welby (@KatharineWelby)

We’re excited to have been involved in pulling together such a strong line-up for the fourth Christian New Media Conference (9th November 2013, The Brewery, London), so we’ve given all the speakers the opportunity to answer a few questions:

Who are you, what do you do, and how does your story feed into #CNMAC13?

34f1940dd3cd03326158f1d89064a3d5I am Katharine Welby, Community Mission Coordinator at Livability. I blog at katharinewelby.com and tweet on @katharinewelby, social media is a great opportunity to engage with people both alike and opposite, which creates a wider view of the world. I like that!

Can you give us a ‘sneak peak’ into your session at #CNMAC13?

I will be speaking at an extraordinary speed, about what it means to suddenly be given a ‘voice, why it is important to use it well, and why the church needs to engage in new media on vital topics such as mental health.

The theme for 2013 is ‘Reimagining Church’. Share a dream for what church could look like in 2023

I simply, in an idealistic and crowd pleasing fashion, just want us all to get along. I think Christ came to save us, and in doing so demonstrated community at its best. Inclusive, connecting with need, open, supportive, discipleship as key, radical, non judgmental but challenging. I want to see that, or at least less arguing within the church, focusing on loving as Jesus loved.

We have a number of #digidisciple(s) writing for the @bigbible project. What do you think the digital age means for discipleship?

Discipleship is about a challenge in a safe place, I think the digital age is a place where through our own actions and words we can inspire others to start from a place of love when interacting with each other.

Outside of your own session, what are you most looking forward to at #CNMAC13?

Kate Bottley, the flash mob was awesome, creative and new. She is funny and unpredictable. She also has a dress with the Virgin Mary on, which makes her worth knowing I reckon!

Check out Katharine’s blog, more on the conference itself where we’d love to see you (easy to book here), or some of the videos we’ve started to upload with reactions from last year’s conference delegates.


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