Coming Soon on Channel 5: The Bible (TV Series)

thebible_ukTHE BIBLE is an epic 10-hour mini-series that brings to life the dramatic tales of faith and courage in the most widely-read book of all time. Breathtaking in scope and scale, THE BIBLE features powerful performances, exotic locations and cutting-edge visual effects to create a spectacular television event that will entertain and inspire the whole family. From Genesis to Revelation, THE BIBLE series features some of the most famous stories ever written and some of the most iconic characters: from Noah’s Ark, the Exodus and Daniel in the lion’s den to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Originally aired in the US on The History Channel, it attracted over 13 million viewers compared to entertainment show ‘American Idol’, which was watched by 12.8 million. The drama was produced by three-time Emmy Award winner Mark Burnett, who is responsible for ‘The Voice’ and ‘Survivor’. British-born Burnett said he was partly inspired to create the show because of a growing “Biblical illiteracy” among young people. He went on to say that attracting a “new generation” of viewers to the Bible was his “greatest hope” when creating the series.

You can watch it on Channel 5 this December and follow the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Resources for the series produced by the Damaris Trust, including copies of series on DVD and Blu-ray, will be available – to find out more visit

Check out some of the reviews:

THE BIBLE series is an excellent dramatisation of the Bible. It is historically credible and put together with sensitivity and imagination. The producers have a wonderful ability to make you think about familiar scenes in an entirely new way.Helen K Bond (Senior Lecturer in New Testament, University of Edinburgh)

The Bible is the most-read book of all time. It has touched the lives of billions of people across the planet and has significantly shaped history, culture, literature, art, politics and human behaviour – and continues to shape the world we live in today. You don’t have to believe the Bible to be affected by it.Roma Downey and Mark Burnett (Executive Producers of THE BIBLE series)

The show has been nothing short of a sensation, watched by millions of people across the world. To have it on Channel 5 is incredibly exciting – these are stories that can’t fail to draw you in.Marie-Claire Dunlop (Acquisitions and Channel Manager at Channel 5)

Attempting to depict the whole span of the biblical narrative from Genesis to Revelation is a bold undertaking. THE BIBLE series pulls it off. It has paid very close attention to the text but at the same time imagined what it might have felt like for the different characters depicted.Paula Gooder (Canon Theologian of Birmingham and Guildford Cathedrals)

I’ve seen the first episode. It’s definitely ‘Hollywood’, and the Ninja Angels are somewhat interesting, but there’s plenty of  content to engage with – it’s enjoyable viewing, and we had extensive discussions after watching it! Looking forward to seeing the rest of it.

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