A Poem inspired by Solomon’s Wisdom (@ChirpyBirdy007)



Make me wise like Solomon,
but do it slowly.
If I suddenly knew my foolishness,
I would curl up in a ball.
Give me wisdom,
not for myself but for others.
If it be your will.
If I remain stupid,
let my life all be for love of you.


God gave Solomon wisdom and very great insight, and a breadth of understanding as measureless as the sand on the seashore. Solomon’s wisdom was greater than the wisdom of all the people of the East, and greater than all the wisdom of Egypt. He was wiser than anyone else, including Ethan the Ezrahite—wiser than Heman, Kalkol and Darda, the sons of Mahol. And his fame spread to all the surrounding nations. He spoke three thousand proverbs and his songs numbered a thousand and five. He spoke about plant life, from the cedar of Lebanon to the hyssop that grows out of walls. He also spoke about animals and birds, reptiles and fish. From all nations people came to listen to Solomon’s wisdom, sent by all the kings of the world, who had heard of his wisdom.

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