Checking some Statistics for #BIGBible in 2013

The BIGBible Project blog continues has continued to attract views of 6,200-15,900 monthly (Jetpack), with over 50,000 unique visitors over the year (Google Analytics). There’s now over 6,200 Twitter followers, over 700 Facebook page members, nearly 300 in the Facebook #BIGRead group, over 600 Pinterest followers, 350 on the mailing list, around 60 active #digidisciple(s), nearly 14,000 views on YouTube this year, as well as an active presence on Flickr and Audioboo (including a Featured Post).

We’re seeking to be involved in/provide appropriate events (Eventbrite, Plancast, UStreamStorify), developing a ‘Digital Theology’ list on GoodReads, and continue to provide a daily chapter of the Bible as a Wordle on Tumblr.


Fantastic input from across the board! Thank you to everyone for the time and effort put in, and in the new year, we’ll use some of this data to work out where next for the site.

Excluding visits to #BIGRead material, here follows the 10 most visited blog posts on The BIGBible Project this year:

  1. Coming Soon on Channel 5: The Bible (TV Series)
  2. ‘The Bible’ on The History Channel
  3. Does it matter that the viral story about Pastor Jeremiah Steepek was a hoax? by @vahva
  4. What happens when you are NOT Recommended for Training for Ordained Ministry? @minidvr #digidisciple
  5. If you’ve tried reading a digital Bible, please read this! (@tim_hutchings)
  6. When a twitter account turns into a ministry – reflections on an interview with @unvirtuousabbey
  7. What does faith sharing look like online? – contribute to some research by @vahva #onlinemission
  8. Strengthened to Serve: Simon Peter’s mother-in-law
  9. Free Bible story illustrations, posed photos, film stills
  10. Digital Lunacy and New Acceptance (FrDavidCloake)

and this one – The Church, the Poor and Social Media (@Changingworship) is hot on its heels!


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