#Christmasmeans something different to everyone

To some it is about presents, others it is food or family, and for some people it is about the Eastenders Christmas special. For the millions of Christians across the world, Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ and each year churches and schools remind themselves of the Christmas story. It’s a story that Christians know well. They’ve been performing it as children with tea towels or tinsel halos on their heads and participated in crib services, carol services, midnight masses and Christmas day services. We believe Christmas is more than food, family and presents, it’s about celebrating the birth of Christ with food, family and presents.

But there is now a high percentage of people in the UK who don’t know the nativity story.

With a little help from social media, we can change that. This is a great opportunity for us to reach these people and spread the good news around the country and beyond.

Last year, the Church of England introduced the twitter campaign #christmasstartswithchrist to sit alongside the Christmas Starts with Christ print and radio advertising campaign created by churchads. The hashtag was successfully seen by more than nine million people over 24 hours. During a 12 hour period from midnight on Christmas Eve through to lunchtime on Christmas day more than 9,000 tweets were sent using the hashtag.

This year we are asking people to take to their computers, tablets and smartphones to tweet the true meaning of Christmas, using #christmasmeans We’re then giving everyone the chance to fill in the blank and let their followers know what Christmas means to them and also the joy and meaning of Christmas to the UK’s 15 million Twitter users.

The Church of England will be leading the way from Christmas Eve onwards in the attempt to reach as many people as possible and will be joined by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York with their own answers to #christmasmeans….

Now’s the time for you to think about what it means to you.

Here’s some examples we’ve come up with if you need a little inspiration:

  • #Christmasmeans Christ is born in Bethlehem
  • #Christmasmeans spreading the true meaning of Christmas with my friends and family
  • #Christmasmeans putting Christ back into Christmas
  • #Christmasmeans celebrating the birth of Christ by singing my favorite carols
  • #Christmasmeans no room at the inn
  • #Christmasmeans Christ the Saviour is born!

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