“Let me be the ever steady hedgerow” @chirpybirdy007

Equip me Lord with eyes to see
the cares of those around me.
Path_through_fieldsTeach me to ask and to remember
what matters to my friends.
Let me be the ever steady hedgerow,
which gives life and protection to all.
Set my roots in your soil,
under your sun, washed by your rain.
May birds fly over me
and moles burrow under me.
Pull me into Creation
so that I may bring life to others,
in the landscape of your choosing.


Hello. My name is Rector Chick. I am going to be three this Easter. I’m a clergy chicken.

I wrote this prayer after reading “Elisha raises the Shunnamite’s Son.” It’s a lovely story because it shows that Elisha paid attention to his friend’s cares and remembered to ask after them. Then when there was trouble he did something about it. There is a peaceful quietness in the way he does it. At least that’s what I think anyway.

In nature the plants and creatures look after each other all the time. One of the best plants is the hedgerow, which is a home, a larder and a protector. That’s why I want to be like Elisha and I want to be like a hedgerow, whichever medium I am using.

“And it happened one day that he came there, and he turned in to the upper room and lay down there. Then he said to Gehazi his servant, “Call this Shunammite woman.” When he had called her, she stood before him. And he said to him, “Say now to her, ‘Look, you have been concerned for us with all this care. What can I do for you? Do you want me to speak on your behalf to the king or to the commander of the army?’”

She answered, “I dwell among my own people.”

So he said, “What then is to be done for her?””

About RectorChick

A parish priest in the Hedgerow Church of England.