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There was no king to compare with Josiah—neither before nor after— a king who turned in total and repentant obedience to God, heart and mind and strength, following the instructions revealed to and written by Moses. The world would never again see a king like Josiah. (2 Kings 23:25 MSG)

It is the day before Christmas Eve when I am writing this and yesterday I preached my final sermon of my curacy and it was about the fact that Joseph was a righteous man! I talked about trusting God with all of our lives, and that we can have hope because of God with us – Emmanuel. I then went on to talk about what being righteous might mean for all of us in the cathedral, including the clergy!

I think that what Josiah did might be classed as righteous, turning in total and repentant obedience to God with heart, mind and strength…. The world would never again see a king like Josiah. Wow! What a thing to say about a king!

In our culture today, we are so aware of what is going on all over the world because of the internet, so many people knew that Nelson Mandela had died, that all the Pussy Riot members were freed today. So in this culture, how can we encourage people to come to know God, to repent totally and live in obedience to God?

Artistic_boxFacebook, Twitter, blogs, etc can all be ways of encouraging people to at least start having positive conversations about God, instead of slagging people of faith off, because of the latest controversy in or out of the church.

Perhaps for those of us of faith what we say, how we say it, what we do and how we do things, our positive use of any power, status, we might have is a way of being role models. Perhaps an apology even when we haven’t actually done anything wrong but someone thinks we have, is a way to point the way to God who loves us all unconditionally and who wants us to trust him with all of our being. Perhaps becoming less arrogant would open up the way to allow others to share their feelings and beliefs,

There are many ways we can engage others with God, so what is going to motivate you to spread the good news of God with us – Emmanuel this Christmas time?

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