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Image purchased from Stockfresh

Image purchased from Stockfresh

The English language changes from year to year and century to century that perhaps is one of the things about language is the fact that it changes – it is never static – our language today is not the same as a hundred years ago, it evolves.  And so it is interesting that The Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year is SELFIE.

This fairly recent trend of taking photos of yourself and posting them onto social network sites as been growing more popular with famous people such as Michelle Obama, Justin Bieber and even the Pope posting them.

There has now even been a record breaking selfie “the first selfie taken in space” by Steve Robinson when he took a photograph of himself during the repair of the Space Shuttle Discovery

Of course this picture has only become possible with the advent of new technologies which enable us to take pictures of ourselves with camera phones.

But ever since the invention of the camera people have wanted to take pictures of themselves.  From the days where long cables stretched to enable the photographer to press the button when he was the “wrong” side of the camera to now – where we hold our phone and at am arm’s distance and click the button and the fake camera sound utters from the speaker on our phone.

Selfies can be and are taken for all manner of reasons, to show off a new hair style, to show loved ones that you are alright or perhaps even to boost self-esteem as you see the “likes” adding up on the computer screen before my very eyes.

Many people in the Bible suffered with a sense of self-doubt, they were not perfect, didn’t feel as if they were good enough for God.

  • Moses who said he wasn’t very good at speaking and could God please send someone.
  • Gideon who was the least person of the least tribe and so was NOT important
  • Even Jonah who ran away from God rather than do what he wanted.

But the God of the old and New Testament does amazing things with self-doubt for these characters when they joined with God in a partnership they turned their self-doubt into confidence.

It is great that the word “selfie” is the word of the year 2013, as it reminds us that I don’t have to be perfect, I can have self-doubts and it is only by being in partnership with other people, in community that we can truly be the people we are meant to be.

The above was written by Sian Lawton, Cranmer Hall, as a ‘Thought for the Day’.

P.S. Not forgetting the ‘Shelfie‘.

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