#BIGRead14: Joining In

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Over the past few days, we’ve published the house group materials (so far). We also know that we’ll be formally launching the book/materials at Durham Cathedral on 2nd March 2014, are in discussions with Newcastle Cathedral to display the poem of the week, and are considering a Google+ Hangout Housegroup on a Thursday (8pm-9.30pm).

There are also opportunities to join in daily. Below is a list of the daily titles for poems. We are looking for people to read/record these poems (MP3 format) – see the Doodle to select an option. The best way to engage is to get the book Barefoot Prayers (SPCK), although we will publish the poems daily.

We would love to see creative responses to the poems, including suggestions of Bible verses that they make you think of, art/photography (especially if you’re doing 365 photo), poems written in response, or reflections/questions you may think of… keep it simple though – this should nourish you, not become a pressure!

Week 1: Gatherings

  • Sunday  2nd March: Love
  • Monday  3rd March: Fullness of Life
  • (Shrove) Tuesday 4th March: Gathering
  • (Ash) Wednesday 5th March: Repentance
  • Thursday 6th March: Breath of God
  • Friday 7th March: Bread
  • Saturday 8th March: Hospitality

Week 2: Awakenings

  • Sunday 9th March: Awakening
  • Monday 10th March: Psalm of the Dawn
  • Tuesday 11th March: Important Commission
  • Wednesday 12th March: To Do List
  • Thursday 13th March: May This Day Be Blessed
  • Friday 14th March: The Day Looks Dull
  • Saturday 15th March: Litany for a New Day

Week 3: Occasions

  • Sunday 16th March: On Receiving Thanks
  • Monday 17th March: Coffee Break Caroline Welby?
  • Tuesday 18th March: Listening Day
  • Wednesday 19th March: Speaking Day
  • Thursday 20th March: Moving House
  • Friday 21st March: After a Holiday
  • Saturday 22nd March: Evensong

Week 4: Puzzles

  • Sunday 23rd March: Mindful
  • Monday 24th March: Bodies
  • Tuesday 25th March: Loneliness
  • Wednesday 26th March: Emptiness
  • Thursday 27th March: Hatred
  • Friday 28th March: Disappointment
  • Saturday 29th March: The Unlovely

Week 5: Responses

  • Sunday 30th March: Doing Justice
  • Monday 31st March: On Hearing the News
  • Tuesday  1st April: Rain
  • Wednesday 2nd April: The Lost
  • Thursday 3rd April: People With Nowhere to Sit
  • Friday 4th April: Those Who Cry Out
  • Saturday 5th April: A Heart of Grace

Week 6: Virtues

  • Sunday 6th April: Patience
  • Monday  7th April:  Simplicity
  • Tuesday  8th April: Gentleness
  • Wednesday  9th April: Irony
  • Thursday 10th April: Courage
  • Friday 11th April: Kindness
  • Saturday 12th April: Generosity

Week 7: Deeps

  • (Palm) Sunday 13th April: Hosanna
  • Monday 14th April: Pain
  • Tuesday 15th April: Untie My Depths
  • Wednesday 16th April: Monochrome
  • (Maundy) Thursday 17th April: Too Difficult
  • (Good) Friday 18th April: Mysterious Cross
  • (Holy) Saturday 19th April: Contemplation

Week 8: Horizons

  • (Easter) Sunday 20th April: Embracing the Mystery
  • Monday 21st April: O Thou
  • Tuesday 22nd April: Reconciliation
  • Wednesday 23rd April: Joy
  • Thursday 24th April: Breeze
  • Friday 25th April: Dying
  • Saturday 26th April: Amen

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