#BIGRead14: Week 5: Responses

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Poem: Those Who Cry Out

In the Book: Friday, p86

Online: http://j.mp/BIGREAD14-Week5

Bible Readings

Micah 6:8-9
to walk humbly with your God

Luke 16:19-31
Child, remember that you in your lifetime received your good things

This week, drawing on Micah 6:8-9, we consider how we ‘notice, and how we get some positive perspective back into the world?


Drawing on Micah 6:87, discuss what you have noticed in the last few days – someone doing justice, being kind, walking humbly. What does that look like, and how might we notice it? The small things as well as the big things? Online and offline? The papers tend to be full of the negative things. How do we get some positive perspective back into the world?

Main: Taking Notice

1. Read the Bible passage from Luke, which tells the tale of the rich man, Lazarus and Hades.

2. The rich man (who doesn’t have a name) just didn’t notice Lazarus in life. What are we not noticing around us? How do we take the time to smell the roses (and potentially the great unwashed too)?

3. Suggested activity:  The leader brings a range of newspapers, in which the group seeks to ‘find Lazarus’ (those who have been marginalised/overlooked). Is it just those who are hungry, or who else might be ‘our Lazarus’?

4. Listen to this weeks poem and watch Stephen Cherry’s reflections

5. Hear the reflection from Paul Blakey (also available in Word and m4a):

6. Look at ways the church in the UK is taking the lead demonstrating love in areas of need – foodbank’s, debt advice, human trafficking, unemployment, loneliness, binge drinking in towns at night, homelessness, young people’s groups, restorative justice, young people struggling in school, helping people get away from binge drinking… Take time to thank God that in almost every area of need in the UK the church is demonstrating an emptied out love.

7. Look up the word ‘Kenarchy‘ mentioned by Paul Blakey, particularly ‘Love that empowers the powerless

Chilled Dessert:

Bring those who you have defined as ‘Lazarus’ in the newspaper articles. Read a line each around the room, leaving a space between each sentence, as you give each person some time. Consider sitting around a candle.


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