#BIGRead14: Week 7: Deeps


Poem: Mysterious Cross

In the Book: (Good) Friday, p113

Online: http://j.mp/BIGRead14-Week7

Bible Readings

Mark 15:33-39
And Jesus uttered a loud cry and breathed his last.
Matthew 26: 69-75
Before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times


Collect a range of images of crosses. Your church may have a collection, see a short PowerPoint you can download here, or you could search Google for:

Note the different styles used: rough, smooth, ornate, stylised, film stills, with or without body, single, triple….

Which are you drawn to? What do you see in them? How do the images of the Cross speak to you? Have you seen a Cross elsewhere that struck you that’s not in this collection (share with others via #bigread14). Is it strange to use a symbol of torture for our faith? Can/would you defend it?

Main: The Power of the Cross

1. Read this week’s Bible passage from Mark.

  • Look particularly at verse 34. What words come to mind when we consider the word ‘forsaken’?
  • What’s your emotional response to the word ‘forsaken’?
  • What do you think might be the significance of darkness over the whole land?
  • When the curtain splits in two – what might that suggest to you?
  • The centurion recognises the true identity of Jesus. Is there a significant moment in our own story when we saw Jesus as more than a religious leader?

2. Listen to this weeks poem and watch Stephen Cherry’s reflections: 

3. Hear the reflection from Ruth Gee, President of the Methodist Conference:

Chilled Dessert:

Read the poem. Does anything jump out at you? Play a version of ‘When I survey’ (e.g. http://youtu.be/mDkuxEIcpdI) as a meditation.


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