#BIGRead14: Week 8: Horizons

So here we are, the final week…

Single tree on the horrizon

Poem: Amen

In the Book: Saturday, p129

Online: http://j.mp/BIGRead14-Week8

Bible Readings

Acts 2: 37-47
And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship

Luke 24:43
and he took it and ate before them


Look back over the material. What things have really stayed with you from group discussions and takeaways? Have you made any changes of action that you are prepared to share?

Main: Changing our Horizons

1. Read the Bible reading from Acts: How does the gospel story change the horizons of those first hearers?

2. How does it change your/our horizons?

3. What kind of things hamper/prevent us from seeing these horizons clearly?

4. How might we start to refocus ourselves?

5. Listen to this weeks poem and watch Stephen Cherry’s reflections

6. Hear the reflection from Chine Mbubaegbu 

Chilled Dessert:

Amen means “So Be It” or “Let it be so”. It’s a word of agreement. Read the Poem. As you consider the horizon of tomorrow, next week, whole of life, what is your deepest desire for the world, family, friends, self. What do you want to say Amen to.


  • Continue to pray for the three things that you identified in the ‘dessert’
  • Journal about the things that most affected you through this course. Write a letter to God about them. Image the letter God might write back to you.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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