Ecclesia and Ethics II: An Online Conference on Media Theology


I am excited about this conference coming up in March via webinar. Bex Lewis and I will both be presenting papers (hopefully doing a fine job representing BigBible!). And there are some really impressive main speakers, including Mike Bird, Ben Meyers, Loren Wilkinson, Douglas Groothius, and several others.  According to the conference’s blog site, “Ecclesia and Ethics” is an “Academic and Ecclesial conference Exploring an Ethics and Theology of the Internet from a Biblical and Ecclesial Perspective.” 

Obviously, this is right up our alley here at BigBible. So would you join us for the conference, and also help us spread the word? The registration page is here. All they are asking in terms of a fee is a minimum £7 donation to one of their selected charities. And if you could “like” the conference on their Facebook page, that would be great. Check out the lineup as more info becomes available, and we would be grateful if you could spread the news via your social media channels!



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I serve as the Chaplain for St Mary's College at Durham University while working on a PhD in the Department of Theology. CODEC has also taken me on to work as a theological consultant of sorts for the BigBible blog. My first book is about cynicism toward the church and disillusionment with God—'Faith Without Illusions: Following Jesus as a Cynic-Saint' (IVP Likewise, 2011). My latest is ‘TheoMedia: The Media of God in the Digital Age’ (Cascade Books, 2013).