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In his post introducing 1 Chronicles  Andrew Byers suggests its key exhortation is ‘seek the Lord’.

So, I read through the whole book with that in mind. It was not easy. I found the chronologies and lists tedious and the description of Saul’s death revolting. I was frustrated by lack of detailed information about the loud music to which David danced while the ‘ark of the covenant’ was brought to David’s city. What did all those horns, trumpets, cymbals, harps and lyres actually sound like? Being bored, revolted and frustrated didn’t much help me to ‘seek the Lord’ but the challenge of those words ‘seek the Lord’ remains.

I have been wondering what my focus should be in my use of social media in 2014.

As a #digidisciple I have the start of an answer from 1 Chronicles. In reading the Bible have you ever noticed how some words seem to leap off the page straight into your heart as a personal message from God to you? Here’s what leapt out for me:

“Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his presence continually.” (1 Chronicles 16: 11 NRSV)


The context is David’s Psalm of Thanksgiving (1 Chronicles 16: 8 – 36). There is a parallel verse in Psalm 105: 4 which Eugene H. Peterson paraphrases as

“Keep your eyes open for God, watch for his works; be alert for signs of his presence.”

I do believe God can be found through social media if we keep our eyes open for God and God’s activity in the world.

I don’t just mean that God can be found in posts and messages from Christians. God can be found in many other ways like news media, art, music and much else. Of course there is also much to distract us from God in the internet as in every other aspect of life; hence the need for a determination to “seek the Lord” as a priority in all life, on and offline.

The exhortation to ‘seek the Lord; is repeated in 1 Chronicles 22:19 in words that convey the need for determination and decisive focus,

“Now set your mind and heart to seek the Lord your God.”

Seek and you will find

I know I need to seek God, but if I thought that was because God was somehow lost or intentionally hiding I would be much discouraged. Many times in the Bible are reassuring promises that those who seek God will find him, because it is always God who takes the initiative and comes looking for us. It is a reciprocal seeking. One of the encouraging promises that those who seek will find is in 1 Chronicles 28: 9,

“if you seek him he will be found by you.”

 Am I really seeking God?

My problem is I often kid myself I am seeking God when I am more interested in what God can give me. I seek what God’s hands can do rather than seek God’s ‘face’ – his person and nature, mind and heart. I want God’s help rather than a deeper relationship. I seek God’s presents rather than his presence. I seek God’s gifts rather than God the Giver. So here is a very old prayer I need to keep on praying:

 “Teach me to seek you, and reveal yourself to me as I seek,

because I can neither seek you if you do not teach me how,

nor find you unless you reveal yourself.

Let me seek you in desiring you;

let me desire you in seeking you;

let me find you in loving you;

let me love you in finding you.”

Anselm of Canterbury, Prosologian ch. 1, tr. M.J. Charlesworth (Clarendon Press 1965)

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