What I would be in the eyes of God? (@dotsters)

Open_BibleOne of the things I have noticed in this book of Chronicles is that the kings are noted to be either evil in the eyes of God, or they did good. I wonder what I would be in the eyes of God! I hope and pray that it would be good, but then there are lots of things I do that I ‘shouldn’t’ and things I don’t do that I ‘should’.


In this culture of social media, it is easy to ‘judge’ who is ‘good’ and who is ‘evil’, from our perspective because it is so easy to judge due to people posting status updates or tweeting what they are thinking or doing without really thinking!


Whatever we post surely we need to be thinking about how edifying and glorifying to God it is, if we say we are following in the steps of Jesus. And yet… I often see posts from friends of mine that do not glorify anyone or anything apart from themselves or what they like/do/want.


I started off this year with a positive mental attitude and it’s still there, 99.9% of the time, but on the odd occasion I feel like posting something that may be seen as negative or detrimental to who I am as a Christian…. I try not and so far I think it has worked, because I am trying to use social media in a positive, encouraging, glorifying to God way… Can you? Do you? Does God see you as evil or good?

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newly ordained as a priest and curate at Chester Cathedral, senior lecturer in Christian youth work, love singing, spending time with friends as long as i can have some space for me as well! most important people in my life, my family especially my 2 daughters. most important thing in my life - following Christ