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Last month, I wrote about modern-day ‘chronicling’, and my intentions to do this year while following the ‘Daily Audio Bible’ podcast (via their dedicated android app) each day this year. My motivation for this was to learn much more about the Bible that God breathed into being, to read it cover-to-cover, as I have never yet done this, and get much more intentional in my relationship with Jesus. I hoped to be able to get to the end of this year and see that I was a changed person, formed more into the likeness of the Saviour I wheel beside, as the creator of the daily podcasts, Brian Harding promises in the podcast.

New habits die fast!

According to a quick Google search, the average time for forming a new habit is 21 days. I would love to say that I persevered long enough to form such a discipline, but I managed 15. On the 16th day I had my first two appointments of many this month, and the subsequent exhaustion made me reluctant to continue. I was unable to follow the DAB without falling asleep, and definitely not giving God my best. Perhaps this was just an excuse?  Somehow I’ve ended up two weeks behind, though made progress on my journalling, which I do via a simple word-processing app while listening to the podcast, and also after listening.

Erase, Rewind

Somehow studying both old and new testaments simultaneously has allowed me to think on  familiar stories as though hearing them for the first time and illuminated the Truth in new ways. For example, following God’s pursuit of humankind from first creation, and first sin, thinking again on how God created us to be in close fellowship with him, but regretted ever doing so because of the stench of sin, though due to His great, all encompassing, deep love for us pursued us until we were once again in fellowship with Him, and how Jesus was the once for all offering which completely covers our sin, but how God requires a no excuses, uncompromising, walk from us in return, out of love for him and gratitude to Him for His pursuit of us. Brian’s enthusiasm for both his faith, His love for the Bible, and his enthusiasm in delivering the podcast is as infectious as it was at first.

I’m hoping in time to form a record that will help me in years to come, now I am working hard to catch up (in the times I am awake!) I have yet to get fully involved in the social media community which surrounds DAB, though have shared the  experiences of it with my own friends through social media, ‘micro-bloggging’ some of what I am learning and thinking.

Not one thread out of place…

Talking of record-keeping, from the awe-inspiring, exacting detail (from II Chron. 2, ff.) provided by the chronicler, where not one thread is forgotten, it is possible to picture in your mind’s eye exactly how the temple would have looked; each part meticulously planned, and methodically carried out. It seems no expense was spared, for this was the permanent dwelling of the God of Israel, and yet, used for burning incense as a means of worship and not an idol of itself. Solomon gave his God the best of everything, out of his riches, using knowledge and wisdom to further his plans, both of which are clearly the backbone behind every decision, however seemingly small. For example, knowing the King of Tyre had been generous to his father, King David, he uses this knowledge in his letter, asking the King to do for him, as he did for his father, knowing that using the best materials he could buy needed the involvement of others expertise as well as that of his own people.

Wisdom in the small things…

I have written before, here but more especially on my own blog about how living my life requires much more involvement from other people than for most of my friends, and therefore requires so much wisdom in managing them. I find the more I learn, the more I see my faults, and the more I mess up… which is mortifying really, especially when other people see those too. I would love for Godly wisdom to permeate everything I do, even the details, right down to the threads which hold my life together.  However, rather than build up, as Solomon did, I’ve found allowing God to cleanse me and bring dark, hidden things to light means lots of tearing down and starting afresh. This is the opposite of what Solomon did, but still a very necessary part of deeper foundations in a more God centred wisdom-full life, painful though it is. I’m looking forward to the coming months, what God has to teach me, and what those records will show. Until next month…


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