#BIGRead14: After a Holiday (Read by Joyce Parker)


I had my hopes and they were high.
My expectations were not specific:
they were about wellbeing and
contentment; pleasure enjoyable enough
to be remembered.

I had expectations of peaceful hours,
delightful scenes, pleasing encounters.
A change of pace was needed –
I removed my watch – let the sun
tell the time.

Now the watch is back on my wrist.
the time of holiday comes to its end. In this
interim, travel­back time, let me take a flight
of gratitude.

And so I give thanks: for opportunity,
for time,
for the efforts of others, for companions,
for encounters,
for everything that delighted
the eye,
for each moment of peace,
for inspiration from art and nature,

for the cool of morning,
for the warm of evening,
for food and drink,
for laughter and smiles,
for safe travel,
for a home to return to.


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#Do1GoodThing: Go on a thankful walk – see all the positive things you can be thankful for in your neighbourhood


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