#BIGRead14: Bodies (Read by Jean Blakey)


Thank you, Abba, for the gift we know most intimately but
fear most profoundly:
our body of flesh and blood.

Thank you for the experiences and desires that animate our
bodily life,
for our appetites and needs
and also for our vulnerabilities and sensitivities.

We hold before you the delights and the frights which
our bodily nature has given us over the years.
We thank you for such bodily grace as is ours,
in repose or inaction,
in form or activity.

We praise you for the charm and pleasure,
threat and wonder,
of youthful growth.
We ask your companionship as we face the
fears that ageing brings.

We crave your courage whenever disease catches us unawares,
whenever we feel pain,
whenever our bodies let us down.

Hear us as we pray for those whose bodies are like ours in
some ways.
Family members we resemble,
people with similar gifts and aptitudes,
those with similar disabilities, disorders or restrictions;
those who endure the same regimes to keep them healthy.

Give us a sense of unity, security and fellowship
that strengthens us all
and enriches each individual character.

Abba – you have made us bodily; give us bodily grace.

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