#BIGRead14: Coffee Break (Read by Caroline Welby)



This is not a special occasion.
There is no form, no dress-code.
Nothing seems at stake, though
I know it is.

This is not a real time.
More a break, a gap,
an interval, an interlude, perhaps.
A grown-up’s vestige of

Yet it is as real and sacred as
any meal,
as worthy of grace.

As the coffee flows from the
pot, or takes form in the cup,
I pray a blessing on those
who grew the beans, milked
the cows; on those who transported it all
to me.

I am in a shop. I pray for the staff:
keep them cheerful and give them
good leisure when their work is done. I
pray that their wages are fair.

I am at work. I pray for my
colleagues and workmates: give
them interesting and wholesome
tasks and help us get on.

I am at home. I pray for
this place and those I share it with:
may good things happen
under our roof.

I am visiting others. I pray for
those giving me hospitality, whether
I was invited or just dropped in:
may our conversation be
honest, kind-hearted and rich.

I am alone. I pray for good
thoughts. Let me take a minute
or two of calm, of silence.
Let my imagination, my
mind, my heart commune; let
them make peace together.

May this moment be refreshing;
a time of real progressing;
a rich and real blessing;
a daily cup of peace.

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