#BIGRead14: Doing Justice (Read by @alantlwilson)

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The prophet said, ‘Do Justice!’
Why did the prophet not say more?
There is too much justice to do.
There is so much justice lacking. The scope for my action is
vast, daunting, infinite.
I not only feel small.
I feel infinitesimally small.
A vanishing point in the endless
expanse of injustice.

The prophet said, ‘Do Justice!’
And I cried, ‘Which Justice?’
Criminal justice.
Social justice.
Economic justice.
Retributive justice.
Restorative justice.
Generational justice.
I want to do justice to the prophet’s words.
I want to do justice to justice.
Where shall I begin?
Oh where shall justice be found
and where is the place of fairness?

Let me go there. I will go there with
humility. For I am not able to travel in
any other way. My only method is plodding,
one step at a time.
one foot on the ground, one swinging forward in a
controlled fall.

Lord God Almighty!
Help me to walk humbly
and let me not walk alone.
And when I come to the crossroads,
when I need to make a decision,
when I have just open wilderness
all around me – incline me and nudge me
towards the place of justice.
Turn me from the place of ambition,
of acquisition, of avarice.
Steer me from the place
of self, of self, of self.
Take me to the place of
respect, restitution, reconciliation.

And take me there kindly,
that my footsteps might be
mercy and grace,
mercy and grace,
mercy and grace,
mercy and grace,
mercy and grace,
for ever and ever and ever.
Mercy and grace for ever.

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