#BIGRead14: Feast (Read by @rtgmtg)


MRDF_Fair_Feast_Poster (PDF)

I go to the store cupboard
looking for eggs and
They need to be broken and
blended with flour,
left to stand.

I hear a pan, hot,
very hot.
The batter spreads thin
and quickly browns
at the edges.
Choosing the moment I
make my move:
toss it, flip it, turn it over,

A few more seconds
and it is done.
Sugared and soured, it is
ready for the feast…
that initiates the fast.
The long, slow,
rambling fast, the
wilderness fast,
the map-less fast where no
recollection can find the way ahead.

All the more reason, then, to
travel light
to leave my bags
at the station,
to lose my property,
to empty the pantry of its
tinned regrets, its
bottled remorse, its
mildewed mass of mistakes.

No point curating this lot,
or carting it about any more.
Let me throw it all away,

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