#BIGRead14: Hospitality (Read by @folkypenguin)




Never take from us that
vaguely anxious curiosity
we feel when we
behold a new face,
hear a new name,
when we give attention
to someone unknown.

Give us keen interest in
whatever stories and storms lie
within the one who is new to us,
and let that interest become respect,
and the respect flower as reverence.
Let us bow before whatever
triumphs and wounds,
hurts and guilts,
mistakes, misadventures and madnesses
make this stranger unknown
and yet knowable, unlikely yet likeable.

O Christ!
Many found you to be strange,
and yet the most vulnerable found
healing and peace in your presence.
Make friends of us that we might be
ready friends to strangers
as strange as ourselves. Action: Take the opportunity to respond through image, poetry, prayer, a Bible verse, text, tweets, or sharing something you’ve found or created online in the comments section below.

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