#BIGRead14: Love (Read by @pabissell)



As I set my sights on your
empty tomb,
as I begin to imagine the dangerous route of
desert and temptation,
fasting and fear,
loneliness and crowds,
silence and noise,
desertion and betrayal,
bread and wine,
cross and nails,
vinegar and gall,
water and blood,
spice and earth,
cave and rock . . .
as I imagine and foresee all this,
and stoop not to tie but to
unlace my boots,
take off my shoes,
slip off my sandals . . .
I pray for just one thing:
your gift of love.

Worthless the effort,
worthless the strain,
worthless the travel,
worthless the cross,
without your love.
So give me, I pray,
the love that heals,
the love that forgives,
the love that longs to be given
Give me the love that grows,
that I may grow in love,
in love, in love,
in love.

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