#BIGRead14: Mindful (Read by Gary Birchall)


I am mindful of my own chatter,
mental chatter,
clutter and detritus.
But good stuff too.

I sift it,
shaking the sieve gently.
There is so much to remove,
so much not worth dwelling on.

I see what remains in the sieve.
The very stuff I want to forget.
It draws me in.
Compels my attention, raises a question,
invites an emotional response.

I let it lie there:
a heap of broken toys,
a pile of garden refuse,
yesterday’s tealeaves,
tomorrow’s compost,
today’s distraction.

today’s treasure:
that is something else.
It has been sifted out
and lies, hidden, below.

Who would have thought it so
so lacking in volume,
so indifferent in colour and texture.

It is dust.
Let me be mindful of mental dust.

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