#BIGRead14: On Hearing the News (Read by @ModramaRamona)


I am struggling.
I am struggling to hold
what I have heard and seen.

Daily I am assailed by news;
daily I struggle to absorb it, to drink
the cup of other people’s suffering.

Teach me how to hear the news;
show me how to respond.

For a while my heart grows hot, my mind
moves on. I am left with feelings
I cannot name.

I am not covered with anger or
roused to rage; my tears are not shed.
I fail in sympathy.

Yet there is a simmering shame,
a vague guilt; not a
sword, but a blunt saw
hacking at my soul.

Let me lament the sorrow I see!
Let me rage at routine injustice!

Let my inner eye run with tears:
when I see the hungry,
when I hear of violent death,
when peace talks fail.

Let my inner eye run with tears:
when I hear of natural disaster,
when I see storm or flood,
when the endangered become extinct.

Let my inner eye run with tears:
when I see corruption,
when I hear of deceit,
when justice cannot be done.

But let my soul sing;
when I hear of courage and creativity;
when I see adversity overcome;
when the story is of sacrifice and service.

Let me attend to the depth of the news.

Let me resonate with the reality it both reveals
and hides.


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