#BIGRead14: On Receiving Thanks (Read by @h_ahartley)



I am beside myself with delight.
But also feeling awkward and embarrassed.
I was not expecting this,
though it is not entirely undeserved.
I have been thanked this day
sincerely, appropriately,
So the thanks came as a surprise
and I am chuffed to bits.
What do I say now?

Thou, Great God, Thou art the ultimate recipient of thanks,
Thou, Holy One, receive praise without end.
Can you know the impact of simple, unaffected gratitude
on an insecure, flagging spirit like mine?
Can you understand that this causes not only delight
but problem?

I want to push it back.
To shake it off.
To negative the positive.
To make it neutral: ‘it was nothing’;
‘your thanks is nothing’.

But neither were nothing.
I have been thanked for my effort and
skill, diligence and care.
I am thrilled.
Yet still, I am cautious, in case
in thrilling something is spoilt
or lost.

My soul wants to sing.
Let it sing!
It sings praise to the God who
created praise.
It sings thanks to Thou,
creator of thanks.
I thank Thou,
truly thank-worthy One,
for all who have ever surprised me
with their thanks.
Recent thank-ers.
Surprising thank-ers.
Those whose thanks came from a crisis.
Chronic thank-ers.
Subtle thank-ers.
Overstated, balloon-like thank-ers.
Thanking strangers, thanking friends.
I give thanks for them all,
and pray for the generosity of spirit and
imagination to be sincere, convincing
and joyful
as I give thanks myself.

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